Become a true sled dog driver

Be part of our husky family and come close to the dogs. Learn how to drive the sled and take care of the dogs. Run your own dog sled and experience the feeling of being a Musher and the bond between you and the dogs. See the wonderful nature that Dalarna has to offer when we, together with the dogs, go out on a three- day adventure. We will ride over frozen lakes through deep forests and open marshes, down steep slopes and over high peaks. We will spend the nights in a summer cottage, and explore the landscape by dog sledding during the days.

The cottage was built in 1865 and is heated with firewood in the fireplace and wood-burning stove. There is no electricity or running water.  An outdoor terrace is available to view the scenic Swedish landscape.

We will do all the chores together, such as feeding, harnessing and connecting dogs to the sled, getting fresh water, collecting firewood and cooking our food with organic produce and other ingredients grown on our own farm.


First come to our farm

There we will have a review of how to drive the sled.  We will also talk a little about how to handle and work with the dogs, such as how to harness the dogs and group them in couples and how to help them when needed. Then you will meet the dogs and the team that you will be able to take care of and drive in the next few days and pack the sleds with the equipment needed for our journey.

The adventure begins by riding over a frozen lake that is 141 meters above sea level (“msl”).  Then we start hiking on one of many climbs through forest and marshland.  We will cross Falun's highest peak at 506 msl. Once there, there is access to a lookout tower with a fantastic view of the landscape that we will travel through.  There is also a fireplace with the opportunity to light a fire and take a lunch break. Then we will rush down the mountain towards a landscape consisting of many intertwined bog systems with dense forests that separate them. In the midst of all this primeval forest above a marsh and near a lake, we will find the old log cabin that will be our camp. We take care of the dogs first, then ourselves with the evening's boarding for the night. And if there is any energy left, there is the opportunity to try snowshoeing around the cabin.

The following morning begins with breakfast for the dogs that slept outside. When we have had our breakfast, gone through our own morning routines and feel ready, we pack the sleds with what we are going to need to have with us during the day. Then we head out onto the trail again, which now offers a slightly flatter terrain over marshes and lakes. With the goal set to see another peak with a lookout tower, after taking in the views from the lookout tower, we have an opportunity to light a fire and take a lunch break. Then we continue on the trail that takes us back to the cottage again.

On the third and last day of our trip, we pack the sleds and return home taking a different path than the one we took on when we first headed out. Once back at the farm, in the yard you get the chance to say goodbye to your new four-legged friends. We can light a fire in the fireplace and have some coffee next to the dog farm before you go home.


Price 5500:- SEK / Pers

Included in the price.

Own dog sled, two nights in cottage, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guide.

For safety reasons children and youths under the age of 18 are not allowed to drive sleds by themselves.