Is a small company selling natural, scenic tours of the Swedish landscape with the help of one of the world's oldest means of transportation using dog sleds led by a team of Siberian huskies.

The company is owned by Nicklas Nilsson and Josefine Nilsson who own a Siberian husky kennel with nearly 20 Siberian huskies.

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Nicklas Nilsson

I grew up and was raised in Rattvik, Sweden and have now settled down and reside in Klockarnäs Enviken.

I have always had an interest in the Siberian husky dog breed.  It was an interest that became a reality after I met Josefine. She urged me to get a husky, which I did. My first husky was a male dog named Hunter. That was the first step in and the first building block in what is today a kennel with a dog sledding experience  to tour the Swedish wilderness and scenic landscapes.


Josefine Nilsson

I grew up in Klockarnäs and stayed in the same family farm.  Nicklas and I decided to take over the farm. It was a perfect location for us to be able to get more Siberian huskies and start our kennel Below Zero Husky Kennel.

 My interest in the Siberian husky started when I met Nicklas. It didn't take long after he bought Hunter that I bought my first dog Yssa. The two together became the start of our kennel.

 I have always had an interest in animals and nature.  Presently, I run a small farm and work as a florist.