Run your own dog sled

Experience how it feels to be a dogsled driver. Learn how we work with the dogs, to harness them and put them in front of the sled. Let the dogs lead you out into the wilderness of Dalarna and feel their cooperation as a team.


When you come to our farm, we will give you a short overview and training of how to drive the sled. Then the job involves getting the huskies harnessed to the sled.  When we and the dogs are ready to head out, the gates are opened and rush out into the wilderness, over a frozen lake and into the forest.  Once we return to the farm, you will have an opportunity to pet and snuggle with the dogs which are now much calmer after pulling the dogsled.

You will leave with great memories of driving a dogsled with very happy and energetic huskies through the scenic Swedish countryside and forests of Dalarna

The tour lasts about one hour.


Price 950:- SEK / Pers

Included in the price.

Dog team and guide who runs before.

For safety reasons Children and youths under the age of 18 are not allowed to drive sleighs themselves.