Go by dogsled

Enjoy the tranquility and proximity to the wilderness, sitting on a dog sled pulled by a bunch of eager and happy Siberian huskies. Behind you is a guide who steers the sled through the scenic wilderness of Dalarna.


It all starts when you come to visit our farm. There you will be accompanied by a guide to the large garden where the dogs take a break between tours.  This is the area where the dogs that will be pulling the dogsled are released so you can visit them and get to know them.  You can choose between helping us harness the dogs or just enjoy the moment becoming acquainted with the huskies and their playful dispositions. When we and the dogs are ready to go on our adventure, we open the gates and rush out into the wilderness, over a frozen lake and into the wintery forest. You will be seated on the sled and ride for about an hour with an experienced guide who really knows how to steer the dogsled through the beautiful, scenic landscape.  When you return from the ride, you will have the opportunity to pet and snuggle with the dogs which are now much calmer. You will leave with warm memories of a joyous experience of having ridden a dog sled, meeting the Siberian huskies that pulled the sled and enjoying the breath taking views of the beautiful Swedish forests of Dalarna.

The tour last about one hour.


Price 750:- SEK / Pers

Included in the price.

A seat on the tourist sled and a guide who runs.

Children under 12. 50% off.